CONNECTING THE ENTIRE Pharmacy Profession all in one place

Value World Connect connects you to your colleagues and profession all within a safe, professional, and verified network.

Join all of the pharmacy professionals, professional organizations, universities, and pharmacy companies already participating in this professional network!


ValueWorldConnect is Value Drug Company’s new Professional Network Website for our industry members and partners!

As a Value Drug Company Member, Value World Connect is a gateway at your fingertips to connect to other pharmacists, students & Value Drug employees. Let us get you connected to your own professional network that is customized for our industry. It offers a host of services, organizational tools & daily updates from Value Drug. Link your employees together in one common place for secure communication, scheduling & education - the opportunities are limitless!

About Pharmacist Society

The Pharmacist Society is a professional networking platform designed to connect the entire pharmacy profession all in one place.

Powered by Drug Store News, the premier pharmacy news, education and content provider, and Skipta, the elite professional networking technology provider in the world, the Pharmacist Society revolutionizes the way pharmacy professionals connect and network within their profession. Network. Educate. Learn. Communicate. Market. Schedule. All in one place.

Worlds of Skipta

The Pharmacist Society is a member of the largest professional network in the world know as, Skipta.

Skipta allows members to network within closed-loop, targeted professional networks designed specifically for professions, companies, universities, organizations, and/or like-minded individuals. Within the “Worlds of Skipta”, members can network safely and professionally and may choose which “Worlds” they decide to network within.

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